Australian 1985-1998 Standard 1 Cent (1c) Mintages

The Raphael Maklouf portrait was used on the Australian one cent from 1985-1991 after which it was removed from circulation (in 1992). All these issues were struck at the Royal Australian Mint. Some years were not struck for circulation.

1985-1998 Standard 1 Cent (1c) Specifications
Obverse Designer: Raphael Maklouf
Reverse Designer: Stuart Devlin
Obverse Design: Queen Elizabeth II
Reverse Design: Feather Tailed Glider
Mass: 2.60 grams
Diameter: 17.53 mm
Composition: 97% Copper, 2.5% Zinc, 0.5% Tin
Edge: Plain

1985-1998 Standard 1 Cent Images

Mintage Table

Year Mint Mintage Finish Category Notes
1985RAM - Canberra38,300,000CirculationCirculating
1985RAM - Canberra170,000UncirculatedNCLT7 Coin Mint Set
1986RAM - Canberra180,000UncirculatedNCLT7 Coin Mint Set
1987RAM - Canberra122,000,000CirculationCirculating
1987RAM - Canberra200,000UncirculatedNCLT7 Coin Mint Set
1988RAM - Canberra105,900,000CirculationCirculating
1988RAM - Canberra240,000UncirculatedNCLT8 Coin Mint Set
1988RAM - Canberra10,000UncirculatedNCLTBicentennial Coin Fair 8 Coin Mint Set
1989RAM - Canberra168,400,000CirculationCirculating
1989RAM - Canberra150,602UncirculatedNCLT8 Coin Mint Set
1990RAM - Canberra52,990,000CirculationCirculating
1990RAM - Canberra106,218UncirculatedNCLT8 Coin Mint Set
1991RAM - Canberra169,557UncirculatedNCLT8 Coin Mint Set
1991RAM - Canberra200UncirculatedNCLTSingapore Coin Fair 8 Coin Mint Set
Total 488,816,577