2x2 Coin Holders

October 20, 2008

2x2 Coin Holders

2x2 Cardboard Coin Holders are probably the most common method of storing coins today. These holders (as the name suggests) are cardboard and 2" x 2" (50mm x 50mm) in size, with a mylar window through which you can see the coins. Basically, you place the coin in a holder with a correctly sized window, fold the holder in half and fix the two halves of the holder together. In the above image you can see an unused 2x2 holder on the left, and a holder containing a coin on the right. The holders in the image are staple type 2x2's, where each half is held together by staples. You can also get holders that are self adhesive and both sides simply stick together when you fold the two halves together.

Some Tips on 2x2 Coin Holders

  • Try to put a coin in a holder whose window is only slightly larger than the coin. This will prevent the coin from moving about within the holder.

  • Make sure to clean the inside of the mylar window (with a can of compressed air for example) to remove any particles of cardboard before placing a coin in the holder. These particles can cause toning on the coin surface.

  • Try to get holders that contain the tab at the top of the holder (similar to the ones above). This makes the holders a lot easier to pull into and out of 2x2 coin album pages.

  • 2x2 Coin holders are probably OK for longer term storage of lower cost coins but I would not use them for long term storage of valuable coins. I have seen an example of coins in these 2x2 coin holders being toned within the holder because of a rubber band around the outside of the 2x2. There is also some concerns as to how air tight the seal is that you can obtain from either stapled or self adhesive coin holders or even that the mylar and cardboard themselves are permeable to certain contaminants.

  • There are coin album pages designed specifically to hold these 2x2 coin holders, they provide an easy and attractive way of storing coins in these holders.

  • The cardboard holder can be written on and provides a convenient way of keeping your collection well cataloged, or for noting of varieties or other information.

Some Tips on Stapled 2x2 Coin Holders

  • Make sure to use enough staples to get a good seal around the coin. Thicker coins (such as Eisenhower dollars and other crown sized coins) can cause the holder to bulge open slightly if you use only 4 staples.

  • Make sure to use a flat clinching stapler or to flatten staples with pliers after you staple a holder. This will make the holders easier to put into album pages, will allow them to store flatter, and will prevent the staples damaging other coins in 2x2 holders that they might come into contact with.

  • Stapled coin holders are usually a better choice for longer term storage of coins than the self adhesive 2x2 coin holders.

Some Tips on Self Adhesive 2x2 Coin Holders

I strongly believe that self adhesive coin holders should only be used for very short term storage of coins. I have seen both major brands of self adhesive 2x2 coin holders available in Australia come 'unglued' when subject to either heat or humidity commonly experienced here. This can be be bad enough because the coins become exposed to the atmosphere. But much worse the coins can actually slide downward in the holder and became 'stuck' to the glue on the holder itself leaving a residue on the coin.

I should quickly note that this style of cardboard and mylar coin holder is available in sizes other than 2x2. This can be useful if you need to store larger coins such as the 1792 Cartwheel 2d from Great Britain or certain larger exonumia such as medals.

Posted by mnemtsas at October 20, 2008 1:15 PM
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