Who Makes Australian Coins? Circulation Issues and NCLT from the RAM and The Perth Mint

November 29, 2008

There are two mints in Australia issuing legal tender coins and numismatic collectibles to coin collectors. These are the Perth Mint in Western Australia and The Royal Australian Mint (the RAM) in the Australian Capital Territory.

Currently the RAM produces all the Australian circulation issues and these are those coins that you would find in your change. Some decimal coinage was produced at the Perth Mint (1 and 2 cent coins) but these were removed from circulation in 1991 so you wont find these in your change any longer. In the pre-decimal era the Perth Mint produced pennies and half pennies for a number of years and shillings for one year. It also minted gold sovereigns and half sovereigns from 1899 to 1931.

Non circulation issues are referred to as NCLT (non circulating legal tender) which have a legal tender dollar value in Australia but are not standard or intended to circulate. They are not usually recognized by the general population as common currency. The RAM produces a large amount of NCLT and the Perth Mint produce only NCLT as well as tokens, medallions and gold bullion.

Both Australian Mint's happily ship to US customers. You can take a look at the RAM Online Shop here or the the Perth Mint Online Shop here.

Posted by harrisk at November 29, 2008 12:50 PM
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