Clashed Die or Die Clash Coin Error

December 14, 2008

Spain 1786 8 Reale Mexico Mint - Die Clash on Shield Side

The die clash (or clashed dies) coin error occurs when the obverse and reverse dies impact with each other without a coin blank or planchet between the dies. The result of this is that the obverse die leaves an impression on the reverse die and the reverse leaves an impression on the obverse die. When a coin is struck with these damaged dies the result is a partial incuse image of the other die on the coin. For example, in the 8 reales coin shown above, there is a strong die clash on the shield side of the coin from about 12 o'clock to 3 o'clock near the rim.

Spain 1786 8 Reale Mexico Mint Clash Detail

You can see here incuse rim denticles from the portrait side under the normal shield side design. You can also see incuse mirrored letters from the portrait side. In this case the design is opposite the portrait legend 'CAROLUS III'. If you look carefully you can see an incuse U under the P of HISPAN, a L under the A, and an O between the A and the N.

Die clashes are not particularly unusual nor are they a visually spectacular type of coin error. However, because of their nature they are more of a variety than an error and can be an interesting method of building a collection. The degree of the clash adds to the interest of the coin, obviously larger clashes are more visually appealing coins, but smaller clashes can be an interesting item to look for when searching bulk lots.

Posted by mnemtsas at December 14, 2008 10:31 AM
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