Foam Ring Airtite Sizes for Australian Coins

December 9, 2008

When I was purchasing the foam ring insert type Airtites to house my coins I found that the sizes stated were all for US coins. They are only available to buy from America so this is understandable. I am in Australia and wanted to store my coins in these Airtite coin capsules so I had to do some research to determine which sizes fit best for Aussie coins. These are the results of my study:
  • Halfpenny -T 25
  • Penny -H 30
  • Threepence- A 16
  • Sixpence- A 19
  • Shilling -T 23
  • Florin -H 28
  • Crown- I 38
  • One cent- A 17
  • Two cent -T 21
  • 5c -A 19
  • 10c -T 23
  • 20c- H 28
  • 50c -H 31
  • $1 -T 24
  • $2 -T 20
For the majority I found that for the size of the coin in mm, you needed half to 1mm less for the size of the foam ring insert to hold the coin snugly.

Posted by harrisk at December 9, 2008 7:04 PM
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