Brisbane Anda Show 22-24 May 2009

May 18, 2009

About 5 times per year collectors pilgrimage to ANDA coin shows in various capital cities right across the country. These coin shows allow dealers, collectors and friends to come together for all things numismatic and sometimes philatelic. It is our chance to get together with friends we talk to on mediums such as the internet and phone but rarely get to see in person.

This weekend the ANDA show will be held in Brisbane on Friday to Sunday. Coin shows often give rise to special releases that are only available at the shows. Sometimes these are made by dealers (such as the Brisbane Coin Fair Overprints) or the Perth or Royal Australian Mints with limited edition coin releases. The Perth Mint usually has a special release for each show and the Royal Australian Mint sometimes brings its' portable press to the shows. This allows you to mint your own dollar which is typically just a special mark struck on the coin at the show.

The RAM isn't attending this show. It's unclear if the RAM will attend any shows this year which is disapppointing. Given that the RAM isn't attending this show and the special releases from the Perth Mint are not that popular it's up to the show organisers to release something special to draw people to the show. These items usually are unavailable elsewhere.

ANDA is advertising a 2009 Year of Astronomy mint set that will be available exclusively at the Brisbane Show this weekend. The only difference between this and the standard mint set is the overprinted folder featuring the ANDA logo. Each ticket holder is only allowed to purchase two of these sets and the release is limited to just 1500 units.

The last time we saw this was in 2006 when the Canberra ANDA show featured a similar mint set overprint with the ANDA logo. They released 1500 of these folders and as I recall there should have been more at the rest of the ANDA shows around the country for the year but there was a problem and there were no future issues of these overprinted sets.

Overseas the RAM attends the World Money Fair each year and often produces sets with a logo on the packaging. These sets are always exactly as regular sets that are issued they just feature a logo or sticker on the packaging. Collecting these types of releases has a pet name, fellow coin collectors affectionately term this "packyboxitis".

Posted by harrisk at May 18, 2009 7:53 PM
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