Exonumia Coins and Collectables

June 24, 2009

Have you heard the term Exonumia used in relation to coins, notes or something related to that but you don't really know what? I guess it's just another branch of collecting that you can go down if that's where your interest lies.

Exonumia is actually a term which originated in North America. It encompasses all those collectables that fall into the numismatic category but are not coins or banknotes. Exonumia is often something that can be traded or that has a commercial value but is not specific currency.

Examples of this are:
-Gambling Tokens/ Casino Chips
-Vending Machine Tokens
-Transport Tokens
-Love Tokens

Often by accident you might come across something that just has tonnes of appeal to you but isn't specifically a coin or a banknote. This item is termed exonumia.

Posted by harrisk at June 24, 2009 7:48 PM
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