Dealer message: What coin collectors want from their dealer.

July 5, 2009

I recently visited the Melbourne and Brisbane ANDA shows and always have varying journey's around the country touring coin shops and Auction viewings. This is my hobby, it's what I do and what I love. I'd like to appeal to dealers and sellers just to think about their methods of showing their coins to potential purchasers.

From a buyers point of view:
A lot of dealers have their stock in books that are just falling to pieces. Broken albums, torn pages and daggy old 2x2's are not getting them any sales. I see adhesive 2x2's that have come apart and the adhesive is stuck to the coin surface -I'm not going to buy that coin. I see 2x2's that have aged and the mylar has stretched and become cloudy making it impossible to accurately view the coins grade or condition. I see coins that have a green tinge to them from being housed in pvc pages for far too long-I'm not even going near that coin to buy! I see stock in secure cabinets that's a great idea but often it's bunched up and not well labelled. This is very difficult to view and easier to just walk away and not bother. As a buyer I want to have freedom to view a coin accurately. A well lit environment, a clear holder is what I need to make my decision on grade and it will get the dealer their sale. After all that's what they are there for!

This is my marketing message to sellers:
The smart move is to make your product as saleable as possible. Show the customer that you've cared for the coin, after all it's soon going to be theirs. Make it easy for the customer to find and view your product. Have your stock books sorted and labelled, have your stock in clean and neat staple 2x2's in non-pvc pages. Have your one off pieces in a system that suits you, eagles, capsules, slabs there is such a variety out there to choose from. If you're going to house stock in locked cabinets then arrange and label it well. Have the staff available and be willing to open the cabinets up and show off your coins to potential customers. It's going to make the sale, that's a simple rule for marketing.

Posted by harrisk at July 5, 2009 5:45 PM
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