Australian Dollar Coins - 2001 80th Anniversary of the RAAF 1 Dollar

August 15, 2009

Australia 2001 80th Anniversary of the RAAF 1 Dollar

The air force of Australia is known as the RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force) and was founded in 1921. To celebrate the event the Royal Australian Mint released a NCLT one dollar coin in a collector folder. The RAAF formed out of the Australian Flying Corps which flew with distinction with the RFC (Royal Flying Corps) which became the RAF (Royal Air Force) in World War 1. Formed as the Australian Air Force in early 1921 the RAAF got the Royal prefix later that same year. It has flown in many major conflicts around the world since that time, including WW2, the Malaya Emergency, Korea,Vietnam, and the Gulf Wars. It is still currently engaged in peace keeping operations in the middle east and is actively operating in Afghanistan.

The RAAF dollar is an NCLT coin (99,281 minted) and was struck in Aluminium Bronze with no mint mark. It was available in a collector folder and could be struck by visitors at the RAM on a mint your own press or by mail order from the RAM or via coin dealers. The MYO example can be found with two slight variations on the obverse, one with portrait designers initals (IRB) joined, and one with them separated. Seen above the obverse of the coin depicts the Ian Rank-Broadley portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. The reverse is sculpted by Vladimir Gottwald and shows the RAAF badge surrounded by the legend Royal Australian Air Force 1921 - 2001. The RAAF badge depicts an Australian wedge tailed eagle, the imperial crown of Britain, and the words Royal Australian Air Force. The latin motto, per ardua ad astra means "through struggle to the stars" and is the same motto used by the RAF and dates back to the original Royal Flying Corps (pre-cursor to the RAF) in 1912.

For accurate coin mintage data please see the 2001 Australian 1 Dollar Coin Mintages table.

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