Australian Dollar Coins - 2007 Standard Mob of Roos Dollar: Bounding Kangaroo PNC

October 17, 2009

2007 Bounding Kangaroos PNC

This joint RAM / Australia Post PNC celebrated the original Stuart Devlin designed Australian dollar which is affectionately known as the 'mob of roos' dollar. Issued on December 3rd 2007 (very late for a 2007 issue) this PNC had a mintage of 37,100. This PNC and the 2007 mint set are the only way to get an uncirculated mob of roos dollar for 2007. The circulating dollar for that year was the Apec dollar.

The PNC, issued at $19.95, also contained a stamp featuring 5 kangaroos at sunset and all the PNC's are postmarked "Kangaroo Ground VIC 3097 3 December 2007". Kangaroo Ground is a town north east of Melbourne, Victoria. The envelope contains a descriptive card which encapsulates the coin.

Posted by harrisk at October 17, 2009 7:40 PM
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