50c Ramstrike Coin Error

June 12, 2010

50c Ramstrike

A Ramstrike error is caused when the planchet is sitting off-centre or out of alignment with the collar die in the press as the coin is struck. It usually results in a high lip error on the coin but produces a particularly spectacular result when it occurs on a dodecagonal coin issue such as the Australian 50c coin.

This error occurs when the 12 sided blank fails to correctly engage in the press and is struck slightly out of alignment (rotated). This incorrect alignment in the collar die results in a coin struck with protruding metal lugs which can be seen as often sharp, pushed up edges on the coin. Quite a spectacular error when seen in hand.

This error can be mislabelled by dealers or sellers not familiar with this tpe of error as a "scalloped edge" error which is the term for a different type of coin error altogether.

1982 Commonwealth Games 50c Ramstrike

Posted by harrisk at June 12, 2010 9:59 AM
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