Australian 20 Cent Coins: 2001 Centenary of Federation State Series Queensland 20c

November 25, 2010

2001 Centenary of Federation 20c Queensland

Seen above is the 2001 20 cent coin for Queensland in the State Series commemorating the Centenary of Federation and is found in circulation. Just one of 9 twenty cent coins in the State Series depicting each Australian State and Territory. A series of 50c coins was also released and a one dollar coin, commemorating 100 years since the Federation of Australia.

The reverse design is by Jenifer Gray of Ingham State High School who was the winner of the Royal Australian Mint's student design competition for her state. This was a national competition for primary and secondary school students to design a coin to represent their state or territory, the coin representing the vision and talent of Australia's youth. Jenifer uses the surface of the coin as a timeclock of Australian history beginning with a stylised gecko leaving ripples in the water. The 'hour' hand of time points to Federation in 1901 and footprints turn to shoeprints in the sand depicting the lasting impression of our journey. The 'minute' hand points to the Centenary of Federation 2001 above a depiction of a computer chipboard denoting the age of technology and it's role into the future. Her initial's JG have also been included on the design. The obverse is the standard Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.

The coin weighs 11.30 grams and is 28.52mm in diameter. It is made form Cupro Nickel, 75% copper and 25% Nickel.

2,300,000 of these coins were issued into circulation but many of these have been put aside by collectors so it's not that common to find one in your change.

13,050 uncirculated coins were issued in 3 coin sets
20,190 uncirculated coins were issued to complete 21,040 20 coin sets

5,668 proof coins were issued in 3 coin sets
10,242 proof coins were issued in complete 13,000 20 coin sets.

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