Australian 50 Cent Coins: 2001 Centenary of Federation State Series Western Australia 50c

November 11, 2010

Australia 2001 Western Australia 50c -State Series

The Western Australia 50c coin shown above is a circulation 50c coin in the 2001 State Series for Western Australia released by the Royal Australian Mint and can be found in your change.

The reverse design features Western Australia's Coat of Arms, representing one of 9 states and territories that make up Australia. This Coat of Arms features Aboriginal motifs in the central shield. In the middle of the shield is the figure of a woman flanked by stylised motifs representing campsites. The shield is supported by two Red Kangaroos each holding a sea shell. The floral emblem for the Northern Territory, the Sturt's Desert Rose is at their feet. The faunal emblem, the Wedge-tailed Eagle is perched above the shield holding a tjurunga stone, an Aboriginal carved stone. Below this is a helmet, a reminder that Northern Territory was an area of wartime battle.

This 50c is the standard 31.51mm dodecagonal coin with plain edging. It is copper nickel weighing 15.55g. In 2001 there were many coins released into circulation commemorating the Centenary of Federation including a one dollar coin, 50c and 20c issues. This is just one in a series of 9 fifty cent coins depicting each state and territory of Australia that were joined together in 1901 at Australia's Federation.

The obverse of this coin is the standard Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.

2,000,000 of these coins were issued into circulation.

Mintages of this coin in other sets can be seen below:

3,970 3 coin uncirculated sets
2,985 3 coin proof sets

11,527 2 coins issued for inclusion in 21,040 pre-purchased unc 20 coin sets
10,199 2 coins issued for inclusion in 13,000 pre-purchased proof 20 coin sets

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