A Pretty Penny -a snapshot of the top PCGS graded Australian Pennies

February 24, 2011

Here at blog central we've been experimenting for years now with camera setup and lighting to try and capture the most out of coins. The copystand holds a digital slr camera and some newly purchased lights with some powerful globes now topping off the setup. My partner will be starting shortly on a series of lighting articles but since he's taken some fantastic images in the last few days I just had to put them up. This series I've titled "a pretty penny".

1919 Penny PCGS MS65RB

1948 Penny PCGS MS66RB

1950 Penny PCGS MS66RB

1952 Penny PCGS MS65BN

1964m Penny PCGS MS65RD

1964m Penny PCGS MS65RB

Posted by harrisk at February 24, 2011 8:49 AM
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