Mexican Silver Coin Calculator Available

April 1, 2011

Mexican 1909 1 Peso

We've just created a Mexican Silver Coin Bullion Calculator which is free to use and uses the latest silver prices to determine the silver bullion value of Mexican coins. Mexico issued a lot of silver coins in various denominations and silver fineness in the years after 1900 and it can be something of a task to work out exactly how much silver happens to be in a different coin. This is made especially difficult because on more than one occasion they issued the same denomination with differing silver contents in the same year! Mexico continued to issue circulating silver coins until the early 1970's, making it one of the last countries in the world to do so.

Remember that the calculator only tells you the bullion value of coins and that the collector value of a coin can exceed that of the pure bullion value.

Posted by mnemtsas at April 1, 2011 2:36 PM
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