PCGS MS62 1943-S Sixpence Realises Remarkable Price

April 11, 2011

The Australian 1943S (San Francisco) is an innocuous little coin with a mintage of 4 million coins and a current catalogue value of $185 in Gem and $65 in UNC. A quick look at the PCGS population charts shows an unusually low number of just 4 coins graded in mint state, with one each at MS62 through to MS65. This is just 10-30% of the number of other US minted sixpences graded in mint state so clearly something is up. The coins are just not being submitted, mostly likely due to a scarcity in high grades.

It so happens that Walter Eigner, over at Walter Eigner Numismatics has been spruiking the scarcity of this coin in uncirculated grades on several coin forums for a while. He now has some very strong proof to to back this up. He's just managed to realise $560 for a PCGS MS62 example on Ebay. This is nearly 9 times catalogue value of $65 in uncirculated for what appeared to be a fairly baggy coin.

So, as Walter put it, the sleeper coin has awakened. Got a mint state 1943S 6d? Now might be the time to submit it to PCGS and realise a quick profit on it.

Posted by mnemtsas at April 11, 2011 2:51 PM
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