PCGS Graded Perth Halfpennies Realise Strong Prices on eBay

June 3, 2011

PCGS MS65RB Australia 1963Y Half Penny

I've had three Perth halfpennies on my eBay watch list for the last few days and they finished up last night and achieved what can only be called a remarkable price. The coins, a PCGS MS64RD 1960Y Half Penny, a PCGS MS64RD 1963Y Half Penny, and a PCGS MS64RD 1964Y Half Penny fetched $247.50, $232.50, and $270 respectively. Each was unusual in that they had the red (RD) designation. Perth bronze coins are very rarely the fiery coppery red colour that the US graders at PCGS expect in a coin that gets the RD designation and this explains their scarcity. It was this designation that had made me watch the coins in the first place.

The coins all fetched between 6 and 9 times Mcdonald's CV in GEM grade which is a great result for the seller. There are currently 5 1960Y half pennies in MS64RD, 5 1963Y's, and 4 of the 1964Y's. So they are indeed scarce coins. It appears that the same purchaser bought all three coins and perhaps is building a strong view PCGS registry set and trying to get the bonus point that a coin with the RD designation offers. Interestingly these MS64RD coins score the same registry set points as a coin with the MS65RB designation. It would be interesting to compare the prices fetched by coins with the two grades. We know from experience that 1964Y Half Pennies in MS65RB have realised prices over $250 in the last 6 months which suggests the coins are indeed being purchased by those building registry sets.

Posted by mnemtsas at June 3, 2011 1:53 PM
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