Interesting Coin Facts #2 Decimal Changeover Recycling Or Not

July 15, 2011

New Zealand reclaimed copper from old pennies and halfpennies after the changeover to decimal currency in 1967 and used the copper oxide to fertilise paddocks for lush green pasture. When it came to Fiji's turn in 1969 it simply wasn't worthwhile to recycle some of the materials -remember this was before we were so committed to recycling! The nickel-brass threepences were scattered into the ocean at an undisclosed location as it wasn't considered worthwhile to send the coins overseas for smelter. Part of the Currency Board's disposal operation was to dump the ex-legal tender coins overboard off the coast of the countries' capital Suva in a deep water top secret location. All other denominations, (a value of £175 000 in 3 separate consignments) aside the 3d's were shipped to Australia for smelting and some cost of the changeover recouped by Fiji.

Posted by harrisk at July 15, 2011 8:43 PM
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