Australian Dollar Coin Value Part 1

February 14, 2012

Left: Mob of Roos, Middle: 1986 Peace, Right: 2004 Suffrage

What is my Australian dollar coin worth?
Sadly, most circulation Australian decimal commemorative coins are a poor investment if you've purchased them for more than a dollar. If you've kept shiny new dollars from your change over the years that cost you a dollar then you won't lose out -they are still worth $1. If you're searching printed coin catalogues you will find that catalogue values in most cases are not even close to realised sales at public auction, online sites such as eBay or what you might be offered if you took your coins to a dealer. This is probably due to the sheer numbers of coins issued and their themes which both play an important role in desirability which helps to determine price.

The dollar coin has been issued in Australia since 1984 with the standard design and with many different commemorative designs for all sorts of occasions. The standard design is by Stuart Devlin and features five kangaroos and is nicknamed the mob of roos dollar. The mob of roos dollar was not issued into circulation for some years. Years such as 1987, 1989 and 1990 were found only in mint sets. Those $1 coins have a higher value than others found in circulation.

Dollar Specifications- Weight: 9 grams, Diameter: 25mm,Composition: Aluminium Bronze, Shape: Round, Edge Reeding: Intermittent.

Most commemorative designs found in circulation that may have been hoarded aren't worth a particular premium over their face value however much of a novelty they are.
These include: 1986 Peace, 1988 First Fleet Bicentenary, 1993 Landcare, 1996 Parkes, 2001 Centenary of Federation.

There have been many many Australian commemorative dollars minted, more than you probably imagine. Take a look at our dollar coin issues list! For collector dollars and those minted not-for-circulation see part 2 collector dollar values.

Posted by harrisk at February 14, 2012 11:00 AM
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