Air Tite Coin Holders

October 20, 2008

Ring Type Air Tite Coin Holders

Ring Type Air tite coin holders are a variation on the coin capsule, a variation that has a number of advantages. They comprise of an outer coin capsule made from scratch resistant and chemically inert acrylic and an inner foam ring that retains the coin. In the image above you can see the two halves of the air tite coin holder on the left, with the inner foam ring in place in one of the capsule halves. The foam ring is made from some sort of inert foam, in the case of air tite coin capsules it is made from a cross linked uv stable polyethylene foam (branded 'volara'). Both the acrylic outer capsule and the inner polyethylene foam ring are completely PVC free and both chemically inert and thus suitable for the long term storage of your coin collection.

Selecting a ring type air tite coin holder to suit a particular coin is a matter of selecting a ring diameter to suit that of the coin (usually 0.5 millimetre smaller than the coin diameter is fine). Placing a coin in the air tite coin holder is simple. Just open the capsule and (while wearing cotton gloves of course) push the coin gently into the inner ring so that it sits flat and square. When you're happy with the placement of the coin you can gently press the top half of the capsule onto the bottom half until it is completely engaged. Your coin is now stored in a air tight chemically inert environment suitable for long term storage.

Air Title Coin Album Page

One problem with air tite coin holders is that their round shape and thickness doesn't make them easy to store in a way that they can be easily viewed and appreciated. A relatively new product on the market is a coin album page specifically designed to hold round coin holders such as air tites. You can see an example of this in the image above.

Advantages of Ring Type Air Tite Coin Holders
The ring type coin holders have a number of advantages over the direct fit type coin capsules.

  • You can fit a wide variety of different sized coins in just three different outer capsule sizes by just varying the hole diameter of the inner foam ring. This makes storage of the air tite coin holders easier to deal with.
  • The foam ring secures the coin completely allowing no movement of the coin. Direct fit capsules can allow the coin to move about if the fit is not perfect. This is a particular problem for collectors of non US coins as most direct fit capsules are designed to fit US coinage.
  • The foam ring (available in different colors) can provide an attractive contrast to the coin making for better presentation of your collection.

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