Q & A: What Dollar Coins Should I Collect - There Are So Many?

August 6, 2009


Hello, I have recently started coin collecting (very amateur, decimal coins only so far) and I had a question regarding un-circulated coins on the Australian Mint website. I have noticed a large amount of $1 uncirculated coins for sale in their shop. As much as I would like to have them all, it seems a bit excessive. Some are aimed at younger collectors (like the land series for example), would it it be worth collecting every single one? Obviously it depends on the collector but i get the impression the mint are making so many just to get sales up.. Or is it just me? Your input is most appreciated.


Hi, There's no doubting that the RAM uses collector coins as a revenue raising exercise, and yes some of the coins are cartoonish in nature. Some years when you throw in the portable press coins, counter stamps, mint marks, privy marks, 2 coin mint sets, 6 coin mints sets, and whatever other dollar coins they manage to pump out you're really talking about a lot of coins! That being said to have a technically complete collection then you'll need every last one.

But, and this is the beauty of coin collecting, there's no need for you to have a 'complete' set. You can pick and choose what you decide to purchase and what interests you. If the pad printed dollars (like the land series) don't interest you,don't buy them. If you don't want to purchase a mint set just to break it up to get a dollar then don't, look for one on eBay or go without. One of the Australian Threepence blog authors has a very complete 25 millimetre aluminium bronze uncirculated dollar collection (circulation type), but doesn't collect proof dollars for example, nor do they collect the off metal dollars like the gold and silver coins, nor the different sized dollars from the Royal Australian Mint and Perth Mint. But I am sure they'd love to collect the gold ones!

I don't like commenting on the investment potential of collecting coins, but generally dollar coins are very hit and miss. There are some that have outrageously high values out of proportion of their mintages (like the 2000 Victoria Cross dollar), and some that seem grossly undervalued (like the portable press coins). Picking which is a winner and which isn't is purely guess work. So is it worth collecting every dollar? Well, financially, probably not, but from a collectors satisfaction point of view it could well be!

I know this hasn't answered your questions directly, but to be honest there's no simple answer. It's your collection, you decide what you like collecting, what constitutes a complete collection, and above all make sure you're enjoying yourself!


The Australian-Threepence. com blog Team

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Posted by harrisk at August 6, 2009 10:59 PM
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