What's Inside The Newly Refurbished Royal Australian Mint Building Part 1

August 2, 2009

Recently the Royal Australian Mint in Canberra moved it's entire operations.........right next door.
Visitors to the RAM can now experience Australian currency on a whole new level. The mint shop, foyer, display areas and viewing of minting operations is now a vast expanse of open, brand new luxurious space for the public's viewing pleasure.

The blog team squeezed in a fleeting weekend visit to the new Royal Australian Mint this past weekend and managed to snap a couple of pictures to share with you. As it was the weekend there wasn't too much activity.

Below is an image of one of the Mint's new robots. It was moving about as if dancing or rehearsing for something. This may have been to show off to it's audience or a critical recalibrating or testing procedure. It's job that we saw was to lift the large red drums of blanks into the blue hopper. These blanks in the hopper were then fed onto the conveyor belt where they were jiggled about to separate the blanks and remove any debris or loose metal. The blanks were sprayed with an oil type spray to help with this separation. The blanks then fell into the white tubs and transported across to the minting machine area of manufacture. This is all automatic and mint staff just stood around checking that everything was running smoothly. What we didn't manage to capture were other automatic guided vehicles (AGV's) which carried the drums of coins/blanks around the mint floor.

Mint robot lifting drum of blanks

Mint robot emptying blanks into hopper

Blanks head along the conveyor belt

Posted by harrisk at August 2, 2009 8:55 PM
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