Q & A The 2000 Mob of Roos One Dollar

January 13, 2010


Could you please explain to me why the 2000 $1 MOR coin ( not the mule) is so expensive when compared to other $1 coins around the same time. In Greg McDonalds 17th issue, it shows this coin around the $50 mark for an unc coin? Is this correct,Regards.


Hi, Greg McDonald hasn't updated his pricing (regarding this coin) for a few years. It's the same as listed in the previous edition. Greg's pricing isn't always concurrent with the market and if you have an interest in a particular coin and follow what they are going for you'll notice there are often differences to the catalogue value. Renniks 22nd tells me this coin has a cv of just $25 in unc. Of course sellers are going to quote the highest cv or use the highest cv to get the best sale price.

Greg McDonald often uses other people eg.dealers to keep his pricing up to date as you can imagine it would be a mammoth task to keep up to date. Let's just consider one idea for a moment. If Greg had asked Dealer X to give him the numbers a few years ago and Dealer X happened to be sitting on a large hoard of these coins then wouldn't they try to artificially inflate the price?

Of course the 2000 dollar was a low mintage year and it wasn't expected to be. There were also a lot of tourists in the country for the Olympics which may mean a lot of dollars left the country in pockets. Note the Mint and Proof Sets for this year have a high cv due to the tourism influx. This is the only other way to get a 2000 MOR $1, the rest being in poor circulated condition by now, maybe this has determined the high cv.

Note the cv for the roll is $700 which seems crazy. But to find an unc mule in a roll would be worth maybe $8,000+. I haven't seen any rolls sell lately but if they do get that much money because of the potential mule find then maybe the high cv for the single coin is relative to that?

It's all just speculation.

Kind Regards,

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Posted by harrisk at January 13, 2010 9:00 AM
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