Australian 50c Coins : 1970 Captain Cook Tilted 7 Variety

April 16, 2010

Australia 1970 50c, Left: Normal 7, Right: Tilted 7

A few months back we posted up an entry about the Australian 1970 50c Captain Cook 50c. A sharp eyed reader suggested we should have mentioned the 'tilted 7' variety of this coin, and now that we have a flash new USB microscope we feel we can do this variety some justice.

The 'tilted 7' variety of this coin, as you would expect, shows a tilted 7 in the date. Seen above you can see the normal variety of the coin on the left, with the top bar of the 7 more or less lining up with the top of the 9 in the date. On the right you can see the tilted 7 variety where the top bar of the 7 clearly points some distance above the top of the 9 in the date.

We've got no real idea as to the frequency of the tilted 7 with respect to the normal 7 coin (but we only found 1 tilted 7 among the 10 or so 1970 50c coins we had on hand), so any information regarding this would be appreciated. The only way we can imagine the tilted 7 coming about is via a hand punched working die, or perhaps a reworked master die that was used to produce hobs with the tilted 7. But of course this is pure conjecture and again any information from our readers would also be appreciated.

Posted by mnemtsas at April 16, 2010 5:17 PM
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