Pandora, archiving our website!

April 21, 2010

There's a wealth of information located on the Internet, you just have to know where to look! Google plays a major part in that, and this website stands out quite prominently in Google searches for the articles that we've written. Over the past year or so our website of important numismatic information has grown well beyond what we'd ever imagined it would. It contains valuable, well researched information on a variety of topics from issues and mintages, errors, varieties, collecting coins, storage options and investing in coins and so on.

We get many emails from the readers and Googlers asking advice about coins they've found, inherited or are interested in finding out more about.

Remember the forum This was a great avenue for collectors and dealers to post valuable information about news, views, current events and happenings in the numismatic world. One day, that forum, just disappeared! All the information was lost without warning. From it's demise other forums have spawned such as* but one can't help be upset over the loss of such a vast amount of valuable information contained on the original forum site.

Through the growth of online publication, the National Library of Australia has seen a need to find important online resources and archive them so they can never be lost. This secures the valuable information so it can be useful to everyone for the infinite future. This National Library archive is known as Pandora and the website which incorporates the weblog has now been archived for the benefit of all in the future.

The archived information for this website can be viewed on the Pandora Website. This information will be re-archived annually to catch up on new articles and adjusted information throughout the site.

Now that the website has been stored by the National Library in the Pandora archive the information it contains can never be lost!

*edit September 2012 What do you know the ACBO forum has also collapsed. Please visit The Australian Coin Forum.

Posted by harrisk at April 21, 2010 10:32 AM
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