Collecting coins from change, the easiest and cheapest way to get into Numismatics

June 14, 2010

My partner has written a very extensive discussion into NCLT collector coins and their importance in numismatics and the potential there to drive the desires of people into collecting coins. While collecting NCLT was exactly the way I started collecting coins, it certainly wasn't how I first began to admire the coins themselves.

Growing up, my parents collected shiny new coins from change into a jar on the shelf. It was a passive way to enter the coin market but it was the start of the very driven passion for coins that I have. The jar contained fascinating commemorative issues all in perfect condition from change and on occasions I would browse through these just for interest. it wasn't until years later that the real collecting began but this was the conception of the collecting bug inside.

Many collectors out there just simply can't afford to buy a NCLT coin way above face value. What benefit is there really for spending $100 on a face value $10 coin except that it's pretty?

Many young collectors are lured into the market as they simply collect pocket money or coins from their change. A fundamental core value that every child needs to grow into a successful adult is -the ability to save. Putting together a commemorative 50c or $1 collection from change can be very fulfilling and doesn't cost very much and it can be the building block for a future numismatist.

Collecting coins from your change can be very challenging as there are scarce and more common issues. Then of course there's varieties such as die cracks, cuds or planchet problems that one can scour coins for. I know of collectors that commonly get bags of change from banks to browse the coins for these varieties, die differences between years and even rare items such as the 2000 $1/10c mule or a 1966 wavy 2 20c.

I think a lot of collectors get the money bug at a young age and a passion in collecting is the the result. Think about it, how many hobbies can you have where you buy money with money??

Posted by harrisk at June 14, 2010 1:47 PM
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