2010 Saint Mary MacKillop Coin Releases

October 29, 2010

The canonisation of Mary Mackillop to our very own Saint Mary has brought huge public and media interest recently with the event taking place on October 17 2010 at St Peter's Basilica in Rome with Pope Benedict XVI proclaimed Mary's sainthood during the Canonisation Mass. Over 8000 pilgrims from around the world attended the ceremony.

When the Royal Australian Mint released the Mary MacKillop dollar coin in 2008 in their "Inspirational Australians" series it was expected that Mary would become a saint and through the hard work of the Catholic Church this has eventuated. The popularity of this coin has seen it rise in value from issue price of $12.95 to around $70 (with McDonald's catalogue 17th ed not reflecting this increase).

With Mary soon to become Australia's first Saint The Perth Mint unveiled a series of issues at Mary Mackillop Place on Thursday 30th September 2010. This was a first precious metal coin program for the Perth Mint releasing a gold and silver example.

7,500, 99.9% silver, 40.6mm, commemorative $1 coins were struck onto 1oz silver flans and issued for $92.50. A .999 gold version 1/10th oz and 16.6mm in diameter was also struck with a limited mintage of 2,010 coins for $275. These dollar types are non-standard sizes, the standard circulating dollar being 25mm.

The design depicts a portrait of Saint Mary on the reverse with SAINT MARY MACKILLOP FIRST AUSTRALIAN SAINT 2010 surrounding her. Both coins also display the Perth Mint's "P" mintmark. The obverse is the standard effigy of HM Queen Elizabeth II by Ian Rank-Broadley

As the catalogues started to roll into the mailbox I could see a trend occuring. They were advertising these new coins at issue prices but last minute bold SOLD OUT was appearing. The proof gold coin had not only sold out, but if you could get it, the price was around the $600 mark. The silver proof also achieving the $140 odd now it's also sold out. Now keeping in mind I am writing this only a couple of weeks after their release and when Saint Mary was canonised we'd expect this price to settle some over the coming months.

Collectors often ask what new release coins to buy, which coin will be the one big winner or money maker for the year. It's often very hard to look into that crystal ball with most NCLT releases available on the secondary market in the months or years after below issue price. This was the one, sorry to those (myself also) who missed the boat on this one.

The last release this time by Australia Post brings an interesting concept to coin collecting. A coin shaped stamp, legal tender for 55c!! I'd have to say this is the first 55c coin we've seen, try spending that -oh you can't even post a letter for that now those of you behind with snail mail practice. Collectors out there correct me if I am wrong. The coin shaped stamp even displays on the obverse the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of QEII.

This set comprises of the 1/2oz silver coin shaped stamp and a 60c commmemorative stamp both housed in protective capsules inside a presentation box that opens up allowing the coin and stamp to be displayed. It was released for $89.95 but is now sold out also.

Posted by harrisk at October 29, 2010 3:06 PM
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