2007 PNC 50th Anniversary of the SAS

December 7, 2010

Australia 2007 50th Anniversary of the Australian Special Air Service $1 PNC

This SAS PNC was released in 2007 jointly between the Perth Mint and Australia Post. The coin is minted by the Perth Mint and the stamps produced by Australia Post together in this collectable coin and stamp cover. Military themes produced in coins always prove quite popular with collectors.

2007 commemorated 50 years of the Australian Special Air Services or SAS for short. It was established in Swanbourne Western Australia where this official PNC has been postmarked. The SAS regiment is a special force unit that can mount operations on air, land or sea, unlike our armed forces the Air Force, Army and Navy that specialise in each individual area.

The uncirculated one dollar coin features the SAS symbol on the reverse, the winged dagger with the motto "Who Dares Wins" 1957 2007. The legend reads "Australian Special Air Service 50th Anniversary". The obverse is the standard Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Queen Elizabeth II with "Elizabeth II Australia 1 Dollar" in the legends. It is a non-standard non circulating legal tender coin at 30mm weighing 12.5grams. It is made from aluminium bronze and features continuous edge milling.

The coin is encased in a card inserted in the envelope specially designed by Australia Post, with a viewing hole for the coin. It features a 50c stamp with soldiers in the SAS unit. It is postmarked September 4th 2007. This PNC was issued for $14.95.

Australia 2007 50th Anniversary of the Australian Special Air Service $1 PNC

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