2011 $10 C Mintmark Gold Proof Ram's Head Dollar Ballot

February 27, 2011

Another special ballot issue on offer from the Royal Australian Mint is the tiny 1/10 ounce gold ten dollar coin depicting the mintmark design for 2011 George Kruger Gray's Shilling Ram. At just 17.53mm this gold proof coin is limited to 2,500 issued. With the expectation of high collector interest the Mint has only made these coins available to collectors via a ballot system similar to what has been used for the $25 kangaroo at sunset coins.

The ballot form will arrive with the March Mint Issue and must be returned to the Mint by March 31st with the draw to take place on April 3rd. Entrants to the ballot must be on the Mint's mailing list and enter with an original ballot form with only one entry valid per customer.

If your ballot is successful you will have the chance to purchase one of these proof gold coins for $265. To bring that back into perspective for coin collectors vs. gold bullion collectors that equates to $138.42 in gold (correct at 27/2/2011).

Posted by harrisk at February 27, 2011 10:33 AM
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