2011 P Counterstamp Ram Dollar Coin Varieties Update

February 17, 2011

If you'd like to catch up on the varieties of the 2011 Shilling Ram one dollar P counterstamp, check out our previous article Important 2011 P Counterstamp Ram Dollar Coin Varieties Surface.

News just to hand is that some of the P counterstamp coins were in fact stamped with the P in Canberra on the mobile coin press before it travelled to Perth for the ANDA Coin and Banknote Show. The Royal Australian Mint has confirmed that to meet the 5,000 mintage some coins were counterstamped in Canberra and and the balance in Perth.

We can therefore confirm that coins exhibiting the "punch through" are the only coins that had the counterstamp applied at the show in Perth. The "normal" type had the mark struck onto the coin in Canberra and were taken to the show and sold. As of right now the strike doubling has only been found on the coins counterstamped with the "P" in Canberra but there's nothing to suggest that it wont be found on the coins exhibiting the "punch through". The doubling occured when the coin was struck in Canberra (presumably on a normal production press) without a counterstamp.

Dealers who were allocated coins at the show could have some or all of these known varieties.

Posted by harrisk at February 17, 2011 11:02 AM
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