Australian One Dollar Coins 2011 100 Years of Census

June 28, 2011

2011 Centenary of the Census $1

The 16th Census of population and housing will take place on the night of August 9th 2011. This event marks the centenary of national census taking in Australia and is conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics every 5 years. The National Census Act was passed in 1905 and the first Australia wide census taken in 1911. Inconstant at first and after a 14 year pause for WWII by 1961 it was decided that data would be collected every 5 years and the Act ammended in 1977.

The census gives a real live look inside where we are at as a nation with every household and person in the country required to answer specific questions about themselves and where they live. The national census is a compulsory event for everyone. Information resulting from each census helps for example governments plan where we need infrastructure, services and facilities such as schools and hospitals.

This one dollar coin has been struck by the Royal Australian Mint and is designed in collaboration with mint designer Vladimir Gottwald and the Australian Bureau of Statistics. It's reverse design features a bar graph of horizontally stacked faces representing the individuals that make up the national census figures. A stylised map of Australia made from ribbon is the logo of this census also features in the reverse design. It is a non-circulating legal tender type for the collector market so you won't find one of these in your change. It is however the standard 25mm one dollar size and is struck in aluminium bronze with interrupted edge reeding. The obverse features the standard effigy of Queen Elizabeth II by Ian Rank-Broadley. It is available in uncirculated quality in a collector card for $12.95. It is being marketed as a memento for those tens of thousands of people who worked for the census in 2011. Find the mintage in the 2011 mintages table.

2011 Centenary of the Census Logo also depicted on the $1

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