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June 2, 2011

Have you been wondering how big PCGS is? The Professional Coin Grading Service based in California USA offers a grading and slabbing service for a fee. This practice is becoming more and more popular here in Australia with many collectors turning to PCGS graded coins for peace of mind when buying over the internet or other avenues when it's not always possible to view the coin in hand.

We quite often refer to the PCGS population report to find individual information about how many of a particular coin have been slabbed and the grades achieved. Another important page on the PCGS website is the statistics page which gives readers an overview of factual information about what has been graded and the process of grading -keep in mind these are global numbers. This page shows statistics on the total number of coins graded by PCGS to date and also lets us know the number of coins that have been given no grades due to outside factors such as cleaning or damage. This page also shows us PCGS warranty payouts in quantity and value. It's also a great reference for those submitting coins to PCGS for what the actual turnaround times are based on their estimated times.

These pages are really handy reference tools and if you really want to get tricky you can view collectors registry sets to see who has put together a series of coins and their grades!

Posted by harrisk at June 2, 2011 11:52 AM
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