The Numismatic Society of South Australia Visit

July 22, 2011

Last night we attended a meeting of The Numismatic Society of South Australia. As visitors we were heartily welcomed to the meeting with one of the members taking us under their wing talking us through proceedings. The society met with around 15 members and visitors attending the Royal Society Room behind the State Library of Adelaide. The highlight of the meeting was a show and tell and discussion about differing topics from Polish stamps, Australian banknotes, limited decimal releases in the 1966 Heritage Set, tokens (copies) purchased on a recent holiday and a recent acquistion of a HMAS Sydney Medal (just to name a few) as each member and visitor talked about an item or event within their collecting areas. We came completely unprepared but a copy of the recent edition of The Australasian Coin and Banknote Magazine on the table saved the day as we were able to show and discuss our most recent article published about the 1966 Decimal Changeover Medal -the RAM Medallion. Collecting interests of attendees varied through all facets of coins, banknotes, stamps and medals both recent and dating back hundreds of years. Following, we were invited to late night supper and chatted with society members. Before we knew it, it was almost 10:30pm and we said farewell with invitation back for the next meeting. Overall we felt most welcome and we thank members for their friendly introduction to the society.

Posted by harrisk at July 22, 2011 9:23 AM
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