The ACBO Coin Forum is For Sale

September 20, 2011

After the shutdown of the RAM forum and the sudden death of the aussiecoins forum, collectors were forced to find another avenue for incognito coin discussions. By default collectors turned to what was available at the time which turned out to be the Because of the nature of the hobby of coin collecting, being able to discuss varying topics through your username is of great significance to the community. Many collectors have personal collections with significant value and staying anonymous is an important part of their own security.

The acbo forum has lacked admin attention for some time now and it's moderators have limped along with limited abilities to control potential member problems. Aside from this, member posting activities have dropped away to contributions from only maybe a few dozen members. In saying this admin has had personal health issues far outweighing the importance of forum contribution and they've decided that it's time to sell.

Both the shop and forum of the domain are for sale by owner Steed Newson. Offers via email are being accepted. One wonders though what the value of such a domain is given other avenues which have popped up or become more focussed on by collectors with a much more active userbase. This blog for example, facebook, coin community (CCF), as well as the many specialty forums associated with pcgs, ancient coins, world coins, metal detecting and gold and silver.

Let's hope that collectors can still stay in touch to discuss their collecting either through the new owners of acbo or something similar.

*edit September 2012. It appears the ACBO forum has disappeared for good. Please visit The Australian Coin Forum.

Posted by harrisk at September 20, 2011 8:46 AM
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