2012 One Million Dollar One Tonne Kangaroo Gold Coin

October 27, 2011

All I can say is wow. A stunning visual piece but will never fall into my collecting radar, nor yours I suggest. My interest in this coin lies in the process of it's manufacture and I thank the Perth Mint for sharing this with readers. This one million dollar Australian legal tender 99.99% pure gold coin has been cast and not struck as most coins are. Fitting really as it's likely there will only ever be one of these and can you imagine a coin press big enough? Manufactured from one tonne (1,012kg) of pure gold, it's bullion value of just over $AUD53 million (work it out on the Scrap Gold Calculator) far surpasses it's legal tender face value -but you'd never go out to spend it, it weighs a tonne!

The process of making this kangaroo coin has been captured in it's entirely and published on Youtube and the coin cast by the Perth Mint even has it's own website. The images of the process are a real treat for collectors.

Posted by harrisk at October 27, 2011 7:20 PM
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