Be Enlightened with a Behind the Scenes Tour of the Royal Australian Mint

December 16, 2011

Some coin collectors would give their right arm or left kidney for the opportunity to get up close to the innermost workings of the Royal Australian Mint in Canberra.

Here is your chance!

As part of the Canberra Festival in 2012, an event titled "Enlighten Canberra" includes evening tours of the coin production factory floor at the RAM. "Enligten Canberra" includes a myriad of performances, exhibitions, tours and talks at various venues around Canberra but my focus here is definately this very rare opportunity to tour the Mint. Ticketholders will get the opportunity to enter areas not normally accessable to the public and talk to the staff who will explain the complexities of the coin minting process. Ticketholders will also get the chance to mint their own special $1 coin!

The Mint shop will also have special items available for Enlighten and visitors to the Mint will get the chance to strike a Wheat Sheaf $1 C mintmark coin with an extra mintmark! (What will that be...) With a $12 price tag let's hope this is a good one.

Update 5th March 2012

The Bluebell Counterstamp

Posted by harrisk at December 16, 2011 8:16 AM
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