World Junk Silver and Gold Coin Calculators

March 16, 2012

Silver coins are typically traded for their bullion precious metal content often higher than their legal tender value. World junk silver coins can be worth more as silver bullion or for their melt value than as collector coin value. Coins of different years and denoinations of many contries are traded by collectors of bullion and silver. A hobby of coin collectors can be to gather junk bullion coins and wait until the market peaks to cash in on the stronger silver price or a fluctuating currency exchange rate.

Coins of different years, denominations and country vary greatly in fineness and weight so any easy method for actual silver weight conversion is needed. The Australian Coin Collecting Blog has proudly produced a number of these bullion calculators to easily determine and add up the silver content and value of your silver hoard. Easily add new coins, numbers of coins or change the currency each is displayed in. Melt values are determined from the latest spot price directly from Kitco.

We've seen auction houses use these calculators to help buyers determine the value of bulk lots for sale. Add up the value of your Australian pre-decimal junk silver box, print the page and you have a list of today's value of your silver stash. There is a different calculator for each country and even a gold calculator. We've also produced junk scrap calculators for items that can be simply weighed, enter the fineness and, as if by magic, the value of your junk silver is displayed. This may be a silver spoon, broken silver chain or Grandma's silver goblet!

Australian Silver Coin Value Calculator

United States Silver Coin Value Calculator

Great Britain Silver Coin Value Calculator

Canadian Silver Coin Value Calculator

Mexico Silver Coin Value Calculator

Switzerland Silver Coin Value Calculator

Austrian Silver Coin Value Calculator

Panama Silver Coin Value Calculator

New Zealand Silver Coin Value Calculator

World Gold Coin Value Calculator

Scrap Gold Value Calculator

Scrap Silver Value Calculator

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