Mobile World Silver Coin Scrap Calculator Update

August 31, 2012

We've been working on the mobile world silver coin scrap calculators over the last couple of days and have released a new version today. This new release includes the following changes:

  • Any coin on any calculator can be hidden. If, for example, you only want to use the Mobile Australian Silver Coin Scrap Calculator to work out the scrap value of 1966 50c you could hide all the other coins on the calculator. Coins will stay hidden until you show them again by clicking the Show Coins button on the calculator.
  • You can now view images for some coins by clicking the View Coin icon next to individual coins in the calculators.
  • Various format adjustments have been made to help the calculators display better in portrait mode in iPhone's and iPod's.
  • Three new currencies have been added to the calculators, the Mexican Peso (MXN), the Japanese Yen (Yen) and the Chinese Yuan (RMB). So, if you happen to live in Mexico and you want to know the scrap silver value of Mexican coins in your local currency then all your needs are covered with the Mobile Mexican Silver Coin Scrap Calculator

Posted by mnemtsas at August 31, 2012 12:48 PM
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