1964 Penny Low Pressure Strike Error

October 6, 2012

Australia 1964 Penny Die Adjustment Strike Error

Technically known as a die adjustment strike, touch strike or a weak strike error due to less than optimal strike pressure this coin error is sometimes mistaken for a filled die. The reason we know it's a low pressure strike is because the pattern of weakness is uniform on each side of the coin. The type of strike usually results in the highest relief parts of the coin, the portrait and the kangaroo, being struck more strongly but the outer edges, the lowest relief part are where the weakness is most prominent. If it were an oil or grease filled die the weakness would be present in one area and probably just on one side or possibly the whole of one side.

A coin struck with low pressure could be a test strike by technicians finding the correct tonnage pressure to set the press at for the production run. It also may happen if there is a press malfunction somewhere along the minting run.

Read more about this error type in our earlier article Die Adjustment Strike Coin Errors.

Another example, this time a 1952 Melbourne Mint penny.

Posted by harrisk at October 6, 2012 9:50 AM
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