Coin and Stamp Show in Adelaide October 12 and 13 2013

September 12, 2013

The South Australian Philatelic Council is holding the Annual State Congress for 2013 on the weekend of October 12 and 13. This coin and stamp show is being held in The Drill Hall, Torrens Parade Ground which is located on Victoria Drive in Adelaide, South Australia. The Show is open from 10AM to 6PM on the Saturday and 10AM to 4PM on the Sunday. Admission (we believe) is free. There are a number of show special souvenir stamp issues and cancels available for the stamp collectors among us (which can be ordered directly from here). But of course it'd be much better if you attended the show and bought them in person!

At this stage we're also aware of three coin dealers that will be in attendance, Richard Welling of Ye Olde Coin Co will have several tables, Leo Jakimow will be making the journey from Canberra. And the authors of this very blog will be attending in their alter ego disguises as The Purple Penny. Ye Olde Coin Co always has an eclectic mix of Australian and world coins and Leo Jakimow doesn't attend many shows in South Australia and he has a large range of coins that are well worth the look. And of course we'll bring a range of material including mint product, errors, and various PCGS graded coins. If you happen to see something on our website you'd like us to bring just let us know before hand! Don't forget if you've got coins you'd like valued bring them in too, Richard Welling is always happy to value (and buy collections) and we could have a go at valuing those old coins for you too.

We've attended this show a few times before and there's always a few collectable dealers in attendance who have some interesting stuff. The SA Philatelic Council members put on a good display of philatelic material, and of course there's a canteen available to feed the starving. So, if you're in Adelaide and you're at all interested in stamps or coins then we urge you to attend. We don't have many coin or stamp shows so let's support this one!

Posted by mnemtsas at September 12, 2013 8:06 PM
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