Coin Collection Storage

October 14, 2008

Storage of your coin collection is an issue that cannot be ignored, and a problem that will take real effort and money to solve. In this introductory article of what will become an extended series of articles I will cover briefly the key issues that you will take into account when deciding how and where to store your collection.

Storage to Prevent Coins Suffering Environmental Damage
A key requirement when storing your coins is that they remain in the same physical condition they were in when you bought them. The reason for this is to prevent unattractive toning, protecting them from chemical exposure or humidity and keeping them so that they can be handled safely. Some storage methods that will help ensure this and that I'll cover in later entries will be:

Storing Your Coins Securely
There's no doubt that coins can be valuable and valuable things can be stolen. Storing your coins securely to prevent theft is an important consideration. In a later entry I'll cover some of methods people can use to store their coin collections securely.

Storing Your Coin Collection So You Can Enjoy It
Unless you are a pure investor there's no doubt a large part of the coin collecting hobby is actually enjoying your collection. Being able to sit and look at your coins, hold them, examine them up close is a tactile pleasure that most coin collectors enjoy. If this is an important aspect of the hobby to you then your chosen storage method should be such that you can easily access, view, and hold the coins from your collection. In some later entries I'll cover some collection storage methods such as:

  • Coin Folders
  • Whitman Albums
  • Eagle Coin Holder Albums
  • Eagle Coin Holder Boxes
  • Coin Slab Boxes
  • Coin Presentation Boxes

Keep an eye on the weblog over the coming weeks, the above items will become live links to new entries as I add them!

Posted by mnemtsas at October 14, 2008 2:51 PM
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