Outward Curving Clipped Planchet Error Coin

November 12, 2008

Australia 1961 Shilling Clipped Planchet

A final class of clipped planchet error is one that I have just seen called a clipped planchet. But, it is much more interesting and scarce than a regular curved clipped planchet error coin. As mentioned previously coin blanks are punched from a metal strip, with the metal strip indexing along under the blanking press as each blank is punched out of the strip. A curved clipped planchet error occurs when a coin blank is punched out before the hole from the previous blank punched out has completely passed the blanking press. This typically results in an inward curving clip which you can see here.

However, you can see on the coin above that the clip is curving outwards. Now, while I am not entirely sure exactly how this coin error is produced I do have a theory that can explain it. This coin error might occur when a coin blank is punched out and the metal strip indexes along, BUT, it only moves along less than half of the width of the coin blank and BEFORE the previously stamped blank has dropped from the coining strip. Thus, the coin blank is stamped again, breaking the planchet in two, one piece would be a crescent moon shape, and the other the sort of shape you see above.

I'm going to call this error the outward curved clipped planchet error coin.

Posted by mnemtsas at November 12, 2008 6:19 AM
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