Millenium Issues, The Year 2000 Part 2 Mint and Proof Sets

April 17, 2009

In late 1999 the RAM released it's 2000 mint and year sets. The theme for this year was the millennium year with the 50 entc featuring a coloured Australian flag. Initially a small number of these sets were struck and buyers were caught out thinking it may be a low mintage year. These were snapped buy collectors who ended up paying a premium for these sets as there was believed to be a shortage. In 2000 more sets were struck and were snapped up by overseas tourists here to see the Olympics in Sydney or catch a fleeting glimpse of Queen Elizabeth II on her visit to Australia. It is assumed then that a lot of these sets left the country with tourists.
So despite the overall total mintage for these sets being quite large 106 394 for the mint sets (more than double of the year before) and 64 904 of the proof sets their catalogue value is quite high. For the mint set issued at $19.95 expect to pay around $100 for one of these or for the proof set issued at $64.75 expect to pay $250. This is for the 2 reasons talked about above,

  1. The initial demand which inflated prices from the start, sellers wouldn't part with their sets for any less after that, and

  2. a lot of sets left the country in the luggage of tourists.

The millennium 50 cent coin was released into circulation and a variety known as the 'millennium incuse flag 50 cent' was found.

Posted by harrisk at April 17, 2009 11:01 AM
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