Q & A: Post 1946 silver Australian Florin values

September 24, 2009


I have just looked at the Australian Silver Coin Value Calculator. I have 414 florins '46 - 63. What would I do next to realize this value? Maybe some of them are of more value than the silver content. Could you advise me?



Hi, Thank you for your question. Realistically if you take your coins to a coin or bullion dealer they may only offer you 30-50% of the silver value -their buy price is their call. To get a better price than that you may want to try eBay where past sales show you might achieve a bit less than bullion (remembering buyers factor in postage which is a killer, then there's the fees you'll have to pay eBay). I'm assuming because you have this bulk lot that they are mostly worn and wouldn't fetch any more than bullion unless any were in uncirculated condition. There are no particular key date years to look out for in your lot.


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You can find the value of your pre-decimal silver coins on the Australian Silver Coin Value Calculator

Posted by harrisk at September 24, 2009 2:05 PM
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