Coin Designer Vacancy at the RAM

January 31, 2011

From design to struck coin for the 2009 Astronomy $1

The Royal Australian Mint is searching for a new employee to join their team of coin designers and engravers. The artistic person successful in their application might just design the next reverse we see on collector coins and coins in your change.

This full-time position is waiting for a skilled, proactive, motivated person with artistic flare to join the design and engraving section of the production services branch at the RAM in Canberra.

Under the tutelage of senior designers including Wojciech Pietranik the job requires the appplicant to develop designs for Australian coins and International markets using traditional methods and with the aid of computerised techniques to specifications of the Currency ACT for Australian legal tender.

For more information if this job is for you, see the RAM Website. Closing date is 16 February 2011.

Posted by harrisk at January 31, 2011 11:06 AM
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