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February 1, 2011

We're just back from an aborted auction viewing. Aborted because of what can only be described as shocking attention to detail and a complete lack of regard for potential auction bidders. The first shock came when we rang the company in question to ensure that we could view lots, only to find out that today was the first allowable day of viewing. Which is fine but nowhere in the auction catalogue does it mention that there were date limitations on viewing, what if we'd decided to go in yesterday? The second shock came when we walked into the company's premises and there was no air conditioning, it's over 35 degrees today and has been for several days. Stifling doesn't even being to describe what it was like in there. The third shock came when it was time to view the lots, the coins were not marked with the lot numbers!!!!!! So it was up to us to match the description on the coin holder with the description in the catalogue. Which is fine, except when there were 4 separate lots for 4 UNC 1941 half pennies. So when you're bidding on one of those coins which one are you actually bidding on? No-one knows. The fourth and final shock was that some of the lots we wanted to view were just missing, and the staff member who was looking after us seemed to be using us to work through HIS auction lots to work out what was missing.

Needless to say, our viewing lasted about 10 minutes before we decided the heat, the complete lack of attention to detail, and the utter dis-regard for us as customers meant that we left. We'll probably return next week when the weather is cooler and when the company in question may have gotten a bit more organised. But, really, none of this is rocket science, be organised and be concerned for the comfort of your customers. Is it really that hard? After all bidders will pay stronger prices at auction when they've had the chance to view lots beforehand, so the company should want people to come in and view, not have them stay at home where it's cool and comfortable and as a consequence put in weaker bids on lots they are interested in!

Posted by mnemtsas at February 1, 2011 12:25 PM
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