2012 Australian Open Mens Trophy Dollar

January 23, 2012

2012 Australian Open Men's Trophy $1

Tennis is a major event for many Aussies parked in front of the television during the seering Australian summer heat. The Australian Open tournament is played in Melbourne and is one of four global grand slam events, the only one played in the southern hemisphere. Competitors play for $26 million in prize money.

To celebrate the 2012 competition, the hundredth men's singles championship held since 1905, two Australian legal tender one dollar coins have been released by the Royal Australian Mint. Each features the winners trophies, one women's and one men's. That's right, there are 2 aluminium bronze $1 coins in this series which look very similar.

One of these coins can be seen above, the design bearing a likeness of the men's trophy the Norman Brookes Challenge Cup. Comparing each design it is shorter and wider than the women's coin. Swirls around the trophy and a small tennis ball with a player inside complete the design "Australian Open 2012". This reverse is by the RAM's Wojciech Pietranik with the obverse is by Ian Rank-Broadley depicting Queen Elizabeth II. It measures 25mm with interrupted edge milling and weighs 9 grams and is the standard aluminium bronze composition of dollar coins you find in change. This coin has, however, only been issued only as NCLT.

Issued in a foldable collectable card for $15 the mintage can be found in the 2012 One Dollar Issues and Mintages Table.

Posted by harrisk at January 23, 2012 2:30 PM
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