What's my Fifty Cent Worth?

June 26, 2012

2012 Mini Gold Fifty Cent

This 50 cent coin is a tiny 11.15mm in diameter and, in pure 99.99% gold is valued at $25 (bullion value at time of writing calculated by the Gold Calculator). Whilst this coin is a special non-standard (NCLT) release and quite a novelty there aren't many fifty cents that mirror it's value.

There have been many many 50c issued into circulation and into the collector market.
Typically those commemorative circulation 50c stashed in a jar or drawer by the everyday collector who finds a nice new shiny or interesting commemorative 50 cent piece in their change will be disappointed by their true value. Mostly these coins are really only worth their face value of 50c.

But.....and there's one but. Fifty cents that are round were only minted in 1966 are actually 80% silver. Don't confuse these with the Endeavour ship design of New Zealand round 50c as these don't contain any silver. The Australian round 50c is usually worth around $10 but is dependent on the silver bullion price, today being AU$15.10 (US$9.95)* but they usually command a small premium above this.

*thanks to the magical blog pixies (tricky html coding) this value is updated every day!

Posted by harrisk at June 26, 2012 3:43 PM
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