Coin Struck Through Crescent Clip Blank Error

July 10, 2012

Australia 1954 Florin Struck Through Crescent Clip Blank

Above you can see a fairly unique error. It's an Australian 1954 florin that has been struck through a crescent clip blank. If you're wondering what a crescent clip blank is, it's the part of the planchet left over when an elliptical clipped planchet is formed. You can imagine a crescent clipped planchet to be the same sort of shape as the crescent moon as it is waning to a new moon or waxing away from the new moon.

This error is not only interesting because of it's scarcity, but also because it crosses the boundaries between three distinct error types. The first, the ultra scarce crescent clip blank. We've never seen one of these errors and we're only aware of one being mentioned in the literature. Second, the strike through error. Technically this coin has been struck through another unstruck coin fragment. And finally, the indent coin error. There's no denying that this coin shares many characteristics of the indent error, including the indent itself and the raised rim on the opposite side of the indented area.

Truly an interesting error coin and one that keeps us coming back to the fascinating field of error collecting!

Posted by mnemtsas at July 10, 2012 8:52 PM
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