Royal Australian Mint Currency Determination 2012 Number 3

July 10, 2012

With the rush of an ANDA show and a Downies auction a new currency determination that passed through parliament and was published on the Australian Government's ComLaw website almost slipped under the radar.

Some exciting new coins are set to be released for the collector market in 2012 and 2013. Partnering the coloured Remembrance Day commemorative $2 coin we've spoken about previously that we are sure to see in circulation later this year is a C mintmark variety.

We'll see more of the popular pad printed coloured dollars with a Polar Bear and a Rock-hopper Penguin the first in a new series for 2013. In keeping with animal themes two 1 ounce coloured silvers are set to be released. One depicts a Saltwater Crocodile "Bindi" rescued by Steve Irwin who lives at Australia Zoo and is the namesake of his only daughter. The other shows an Eastern Grey Kangaroo design by Aaron Baggio.

The mintmark one dollar for 2013 has now been set as the Bicentenary of the Holey Dollar and Dump with the usual smorgasbord of counterstamps, privymarks and c mintmark on the cards for next year. It also looks as if we'll see a series titled Australian Decimal Effigies, the first depicting the Raphael Maklouf portrait of Queen Elizabeth II used on our currency from 1985 to 1998.

It's the Centenary of Canberra in 2013 and to celebrate this a $5 silver coin is to be released as well as a commemorative copper nickel 20c. Could this be another commemorative 20c for circulation?

Revheads will be flocking for the (2013) copper nickel 50c depicting the Bathurst Endurance Race. This coin will commemorate 50 years of the 1,000km race at Mount Panorama. We'll also see a 50c for the 50th anniversary of Surfing Australia.

It will be a pleasure to see Stuart Devlin's platypus 20c design in selectively plated gold and pad printed colour in 2013. I wonder if these will be part of the proof or mint sets for 2013, the same as we saw the Coat of Arms in 2012?

Another couple of interesting possible releases is a copper nickel 20c depicting Australian Mining and an aluminium bronze dollar for the Discovery of Gold. I'm going to take a punt here and suggest that these may be released in a commemorative 2 coin set as we've seen over the last few years with the Fields of Gold Australian Wheat (2012) and Australian Wool (2011) two coins sets.

Overall an exciting bunch of new releases planned for later this year and 2013.

Posted by harrisk at July 10, 2012 6:58 PM
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